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Quality Cleaning & Safety Products

As of January 1 2017 the City of Kawartha Lakes no black garbage bags will be excepted. All garbage bags MUST be clear. This is for both residential and commercial properties.

We have all sizes in stock: the best selection and prices in the Kawarthas from a small bathroom & kitchen catcher bags to a large contractor size.

Garbage Bag Size Chart ( most common bag sizes )

L20x22 = 18-20

L22x24 = 22-25

L19x28 = 30

L24x28 = 40

L26x36 = 45-60

L30x38 = 75-113

L35x50 = 124-170

L42x48 = 151-170L

We have many other sizes in stock that are not on this chart & have small 50 pack and large bulk cases in stock

We also sell biodegradable paper bags !!