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Quality Cleaning & Safety Products

                                                                            Now available !! Kawartha Pine Septic Treatment

Kawartha Pine septic treatment is packaged in Lindsay Ontario in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes. Designed with a fresh pine scent non polluting liquid bacteria.  This product is designed to create and maintain high levels of bacteria in waste treatment systems such as septic systems, out houses, RVs, holding tanks , grease traps , and more .....For home, cottage septic systems and boat holding tanks 

A small proud  Canadian company in the heart of Cottage country.                 Dealers wanted in Ontario. Please contact us!

Pine scented liquid bacteria                                       Non polluting biodegradable solution                    Attacks and brakes down organic compounds 


                                                                           Prevents lines and drains and pipes from plugging


                                                                                               1L 4L & 20L jugs available 

                                                                           Avoid costly septic repairs by using on a set schedule 

                                                                                         RDS is the master distributor for Ontario